Program Interventions

Improved Agriculture

Eco friendly farming practices such as organic farming, vermicomposting, use of biofertilisers and biopesticides are promoted through awareness, training and input supply. Cultivation of medicinal herbs and floriculture have also been promoted to enhance the farm income.

There is an emphasis, through the programmes on adoption of improved agricultures activities to achieve food availability round the year.  These include practices like use of improved seeds, use of organic fertilisers and pesticides, integrated pest and nutrient management practices, etc. The use of improved agricultural practices also helps achieve another important out come. Through such practices the money required to purchase food grains can now be saved to improve quality of life.

Citing the growing demand for organic fertilizers, which is seen as a changing trend, vermiculture activity is promoted. The vermicompost obtained is being used for vegetable growing and for fruit plants in Wadis.