Program Interventions

Community Health and Social Development


The health of the tribal / rural poor people has been a topic of serious concern for the past few decades. Some of the health problems are grossly due to the socio economic conditions and cultural practices related to health and hygiene, while others revolve around factors like low agriculture production, low family income, illiteracy, distress migration; all of which hampers the quality of life.

Aims and Objective of community health programme:

The objectives of the MITTRA´s community health (CH) program include making the community aware of health through people´s organisations (POs.) The CH program essentially aims at improving personal and family health conditions by bringing about a change in behavioural habits. The focus is given on improving the health status of women and children through different need-based interventions.

Approach towards community health:

The community health (CH) program is based on the health promotion and disease prevention approach, and contributes in achieving holistic and sustainable development of the community. The CH program implements its activities by adopting one or many of the suitable approaches such as participatory demonstration, model building and campaign. A very strong emphasis is given on capacity building of PO´s and health education for the community at large. The women members of the SHGs are nodal points for spreading awareness about CH program.

Emphasis is given on health promotion, preventive health care measures, health education and awareness generation; strengthening linkages and referrals with existing government health services.

Attempt is also made to consolidate the indigenous knowledge and good practices of the traditional healers (Vaidus) regarding health, to ensure the availability of better health services in remote areas.

The implimentation strategy :

Identifying the needs of the people related to their health.

  • Planning with them about what could be done to make them healthy.
  • Communicating with them through people´s organisations like Wadi Tukadi, SHGs, and Youth groups about the changes those needs to be made in their behavior.
  • Creating linkages with the concerned local persons and institutions including government and private health service providers
  • Sustaining the community health program in the village.

Knowledge inputs are given to members of the people´s organizations which are then transferred to the community through the PO members. This helps to improve the health status of the community and in turn improve the quality of life.
The activities of the CH Program include promotion of best health practices regarding safe drinking water, clean kitchen package, water resource management, and waste water disposal management, improved nutrition through kitchen garden, hygiene and sanitation.

Community Health Program: Achievements (up to March 2016)



No of families covered


No of vaidu treatment centres


No. of Mother Kits and Child Kits distributed


Number of Students treated for worm infection


Number of cases treated for Scabies


Reproductive and Child Health component in the CH program includes activities like ante natal care, neo natal care, post natal care, and health care of children less than five years.